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Think and grow rich

 TRULY, "thoughts are things," and powerful things at that, when they are
mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE
for their translation into riches, or other material objects.


A little more than thirty years ago, Edwin C. Barnes discovered how true it is
that men really do THINK AND GROW RICH. His discovery did not come
about at one sitting. It came little by little, beginning with a BURNING
DESIRE to become a business associate of the great Edison.

One of the chief characteristics of Barnes' Desire was that it was definite. He
wanted to work with Edison, not for him. Observe, carefully, the description
of how he went about translating his DESIRE into reality, and you will have
a better understanding of the thirteen principles which lead to riches.

When this DESIRE, or impulse of thought, first flashed into his mind he was
in no position to act upon it. Two difficulties stood in his way. He did not
know Mr. Edison, and he did not have enough money to pay his railroad fare
to Orange, New Jersey.

These difficulties were sufficient to have discouraged the majority of men
from making any attempt to carry out the desire. But his was no ordinary
desire! He was so determined to find a way to carry out his desire that he
finally decided to travel by "blind baggage," rather than be defeated. (To the
uninitiated, this means that he went to East Orange on a freight train).

He presented himself at Mr. Edison's laboratory, and announced he had come
to go into business with the inventor. In speaking of the first meeting between
Barnes and Edison, years later, Mr. Edison said, "He stood there before me,


Think and Grow Rich
looking like an ordinary tramp, but there was something in the expression of
his face which conveyed the impression that he was determined to get what
he had come after. I had learned, from years of experience with men, that
when a man really DESIRES a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his
entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win. I
gave him the opportunity he asked for, because I saw he had made up his
mind to stand by until he succeeded. Subsequent events proved that no
mistake was made."

Just what young Barnes said to Mr. Edison on that occasion was far less
important than that which he thought. Edison, himself, said so! It could not
have been the young man's appearance which got him his start in the Edison
office, for that was definitely against him. It was what he THOUGHT that

If the significance of this statement could be conveyed to every person who
reads it, there would be no need for the remainder of this book.
Barnes did not get his partnership with Edison on his first interview. He did
get a chance to work in the Edison offices, at a very nominal wage, doing
work that was unimportant to Edison, but most important to Barnes, because
it gave him an opportunity to display his "merchandise" where his intended
"partner" could see it.

Months went by. Apparently nothing happened to bring the coveted goal
which Barnes had set up in his mind as his DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE.
But something important was happening in Barnes' mind. He was constantly
intensifying his DESIRE to become the business associate of Edison.

Psychologists have correctly said that "when one is truly ready for a thing, it
puts in its appearance."

Barnes was ready for a business association with Edison, moreover, he was

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